Embroidered Monogram Pricing

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Single color Monograms

Monograms up to 5″ wide                  $6

Monograms over 5″ to 6″ wide        $8

Monograms over 6″ wide                         $.50 per 1,000 stitches $8 Min

Name over Monogram 2 color              $8 up to 6″ wide

FREE Estimates for larger monograms.

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Multi Color Logo Embroidery

Up to 10,000 stitches                                $1 per 1000 stitches $7 min

10K to 15K stitches                                     $.90 per 1000 stitches

15K to 20K stitches                                     $.80 per 1000 stitches

Greater than 20K stitches                         $.75 per 1000 stitches

Name on the same garment                      $3.00

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24 to 36 pieces                              10% off embroidery cost

37 pieces or more                         15% off embroidery cost

12 piece minimum to order garments.  No minimum when providing your own garments.  Advanced digitizing is available through an outside source.  Provide a .jpg or Vector Image file of your logo and we will send it out for a quote to be digitized.  Some digitizing can be done in house with our software.  In house digitizing ranges from $10 to $20 depending on complexity.

If you have an embroidery design file we may be able to use it with our software.  In most cases there is no charge for most adjustments to embroidery files provided from outside sources.

We can monogram many items including shirts, sweatshirts, jackets  various bags,  hats and much more.

Vinyl Decals

Monogram Decals  –  $1 per inch in width  Example 3″ wide = $3

Larger decals such as windshield topper start at $20

Design set up vary depending on complexity.  No set up for monograms.

Heat Applied Vinyl for Tee Shirts using  your shirt.

Left Chest Monogram 4″ wide   $6

Full Chest Glitter Monogram 12″ wide  $15

Custom designs call for estimate.

For  larger orders we can supply shirts for your project.  Call for pricing.